Watch: Rescue crews airlift horse to safety after 300-foot fall

May 12 (UPI) — Rescue crews in California rescued a horse and its rider after a deteriorating trail caused them to fall more than 300 feet.

Fire officials in Angeles Oaks helped lift the 63-year-old rider and her horse up from a steep hillside at the Santa Ana River Trail east of Los Angeles to safety around noon on Thursday.

The woman’s friend said she and the horse were sent tumbling down the ravine after the trail suddenly gave way beneath them.

Crews requested a helicopter capable of hoisting the woman and the horse out of the deep hole.

The woman was quickly brought to safety, but a hydraulic failure with the helicopter delayed the rescue of the 1,200-pound, 15-year-old horse for several hours.

The horse was sedated and blindfolded before rescuers were able to lift it onto the side of the highway at about 6 p.m.

Crews said the horse was not seriously injured and only experienced minor cuts and scratches while the rider was taken to a hospital where she was given stitches on her leg.