This was the very first picture I saw of Apollo. I love that his hind hooves an…

This was the very first picture I saw of Apollo.
I love that his hind hooves and front hooves each have the same color ▫️▪️
When buying a foal, there is always the question ‘where to stable it’. In a herd with horses that are the same age and sex or at your (nearest/own) Barn with a bunch of different horses.
There are tones of things to take into consideration when making that decision.
I decided to stable Apollo at a barn 5/7 minutes away from my house, where he is going to be introduced (over time) into a herd with 9 other horses. They are all between 5 and I think 25/26 years old, so most certainly they will turn him into a well behaved and socialized little guy.
I think, as we bring our horses into ‘human ville’ with tones of scary things for horses; it’s our responsibility to teach them to feel safe and confident around it. So getting a young horse used to everything that we are surrounded by, can often be much easier than getting a horse used to it, that kinda has just been living on a remotish pasture with a bunch of other youngsters for 1/2,5 years. Older horses will also tell a youngster when he’s stretching his boundaries and not behaving, which isn’t necessarily the case under horses that are all the same age.
I know there are tones of different options about it, this is a little bit of mine.
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