There is one thing I have found to be of major importance when I am goal-oriente…

There is one thing I have found to be of major importance when I am goal-orientedly working with Nathan. Nathan tends to loose motivation quite easily when I have a clear task in mind because he is used to having great influence on what we are doing. Usually, he can choose the exercises he wants to work on and I really like this for several reasons. So my intention is not to exclude this from our interaction but to establish another kind of interaction so that we will be able to one day switch fluently between me deciding what to do and him deciding.

It seems to be most important to make the tasks I want to work on interesting, rewarding and motivating for him. Therefore, I have to be careful to not destroy his motivation. So I have made a rule for myself: I have to stop working on the exercises I chose BEFORE he looses motivation. This means that we take a break or I ask Nathan what to do next when he is still full of motivation and feels completely fine with the task I gave him.

For now this means that we are never working with lunging, work in hand or riding for more than a few minutes. I am curious if I will be able to strengthen his motivation for „serious work“ with this approach. The last days he definitely was a highly motivated Ponychild.

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