‘Pass wide and slow’ – riders take to the road to highlight horse safety (From Milford Mercury)

A GROUP of riders will be highlighting the need to drive safely around horses this Sunday, May 21.

Around ten horses will meet at Brunel Quay, Neyland, at 10.30am, leaving at 11am to travel a journey of just over five miles.

The purpose, said local organiser Penny Joubert, is to highlight and draw drivers attention to the fact that horses are legitimate road users, who need to be given appropriate consideration on the road.

“Our narrow local roads are just the sort of places where they will be encountered, maybe around a bend or where there is oncoming traffic,” she said.

“Horses are flight animals and even the best educated can be scared by fast movement, or sudden loud noise.

“Traffic volume and speed has increased significantly over the years, but horses still have the same vulnerability. “We are asking drivers to be more aware of this on country routes or whenever a horse is encountered on the roads, and abide by the Highway Code.”

The event is part of the national Pass Wide and Slow campaign, which promotes road safety for horse riders, raising awareness of how drivers should meet and pass horses on the road safely.