Horse Racing And How To Eliminate Horses By Using The Last Allowed Odds

A necessary aspect of racing is eliminating horses from positions that the player believes have no potential of winning. No elimination method works 100% of the time because horse racing is too complex. Some elimination methods work at a very high percentage level and one of those methods is to eliminate horses by using the last allowed odds. The last allowed odds is found in the daily racing form newspaper at every track and are the odds given to the horse in its’ prior race or races. The daily racing form gives a maximum of 10 past races for each horse and each one of those races have last allowed odds except for first time starters which have no races.

In the process of selecting horses and eliminating certain horses from positions you’ve decided to play takes skill. To make money as a design and not by luck you must learn to use reliable elimination methods. The daily racing form has many factors that can be used for this purpose. The last allowed odds is useful but limited and it’s one of the most powerful elimination methods there is. A small test sample using this method was taken for the ‘win’ position and the results came out 3/113. Meaning that out of 113 horses tested only 3 won the ‘win’ position. This method has an approximate 97.4% elimination ability for the ‘win’ position.

Players work diligently to find the horse they believe will come across the wire in the ‘win’ position and will remove horses that they believe have little to no chance of winning. The method written of above have approximately a 97.4% removal capacity. This same method can be used in several ways to handicap a race. When studying the daily racing form each horse will have statistics which indicates the horse’s abilities. If a horse in its’ most recent race or the last race it ran have odds equal to or greater than 59 then eliminate that horse from the ‘win’ position. This method is limited as stated before but it occurs frequently enough to be very useful. In racing you need every edge that’s provable and this elimination method gives a player an edge. Some may think that 97.4% isn’t good enough and a 100% system is needed. There’s only one 100% system in horse racing and there is a special way to use it but it will not be explained herein.

First you must understand that racing is made of two major divisions: Profitcapping and handicapping. The 100% system stated above is an aspect of profitcapping and not handicapping. Handicapping deals with many types of elimination methods including the use of the last allowed odds. When using the last allowed odds it is possible for a player to eliminate 1 – 3 horses in a single race and to feel secure about the reliability of the method. How to eliminate horses by using the last allowed odds and how to use it to advantage takes practice.