Dancing under the light of the full moon, long shadows stretching across the gra…

Dancing under the light of the full moon, long shadows stretching across the grass before us. The indescribable feeling that somehow she is reading my mind, that we have tuned together so closely that somehow just moving together we know what the other is thinking-and we dance in perfect harmony. The soft sounds of hooves on grass in the total stillness of the night, no wind to carry noises from afar, just us as we move in unison through the silver lit world.

I had a realization last night, as I stood looking at the shining face of the full moon. I had sudden deep memories of the times in my life when I stared at that same full faced moon, and wished for a better life. I remembered the times as a little girl when I would crawl through my bathroom window and lie on the roof, watching the moon cross the sky, wishing the fighting inside the house would stop. I remembered the years when I was so sick, when I would stare at the moon outside windows of hospitals and wonder if I would ever get better. I remembered my first heartbreak and sitting in my car crying, looking up at that full moon and wondering how many more moons would pass before it didn’t hurt anymore. And as I remembered all of those, I couldn’t imagine that any of those old versions of myself would ever believe I would be standing in this moment right now. Watching my black pearl of a horse graze peacefully beneath a ring of ancient redwoods, knowing that my own grey Queen was happily eating with her herd after our beautiful moonlit dance. Feeling the deep connection to the earth and the thread of spirit that flows through my whole herd and myself. Knowing my beautiful family is at home waiting for me just down the road, full of support and love.

I could never have dreamed up a more beautiful life. In the thousands of times I stared at that moon over my lifetime, I would never know the depth of peace & appreciation I would feel this night as I stared up once again. And I realized how incredibly grateful I was for that perspective, & incredibly grateful that I didn’t give up, all those times that I wished I could give up. Because it gets better, in ways you could never imagine.. Just keep looking up🌙